PCAP Croatia:

PCAP Croatia was the first branch to register in Europe. It has been our most active PCAP branch since its inception in 2001. Its work continues to expand. It moved into a new office this year thanks to the cooperation of Karlovac City who donated the space. The dog asylum which PCAP supports in Karlovac has expanded its premises and last year took in 460 dogs out of which 85 found new owners. The Ornithological Project for primary school children in Samobor town will continue for another two years with funding secured from local businesses and government. PCAP is involved in several community projects to support eco-tourism as well as to boost local rural economy through identification and support of local leaders.

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PASAKA a Garden for the Development of All Living Beings

PASAKA’ stands for Parivesh Samvardhana Ka’nana or the “Garden for the Development of All Living Beings”. It was started by P.R. Sarkar in 1988. Managed by PCAP, PASAKA’ was started as a refuge and sanctuary for rare and endangered plants and animals and as an environmental legacy for the once extensive forests and unique wildlife that covered the Indian subcontinent.
Sarkar’s wish was that it would function as a centre for educating the local youth on the importance of preserving and maintaining the environment and wildlife instead of the current practice of exploitation and destruction.


PASAKA is located in a sprawling 12 sq. mile area called Ananda Nagar (City of Bliss) which was envisioned by Sarkar as a multi-faceted development model for rural regeneration and economic self-sufficiency based on moral and spiritual values. The area bordering the states of West Bengal and Jharkhand in eastern India is one of the poorest and most ecologically denuded zones of the subcontinent.

PCAP is also involved in other community development works like developing agriculture and irrigation facilities that are environmentally friendly, developing renewable forest-based industries and small scale and cottage-based industries for local use.

The PASAKA’ compound is located in the eastern part of Madya (middle) A’nanda Nagar. Located on the grounds is a 100 foot water tower which is the main water source for most of our social service projects in A’nanda Nagar i.e. AM Primary school, AM High school, Abha Seva Sadan (hospital), AM Children’s home, etc. Although here in PASAKA’ we are still in the development stages we have been blessed with some natural attractions listed below. Please feel free to visit us at any time.
Another attraction is the Aviary or ‘bird sanctuary’ located in eastern PASAKA’. It is still under construction but with some help we hope to have it finished soon. This and many more compounds will be constructed in the future to house the different rare breeds of animals and plants.
The PASAKA’ compound is filled with a wonderful forest of teak (Tectona Grandis), shishu (Dalbergia Sisoo), pala’sh (Butea Frondosa), silk cotton tree (Salmalia Malabaricum) and a host of other medicinal herbs and plants that are a delight to behold.